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Here are the rules for submitting your organizations Meat Raffle ad -

  • If you are not submitting a flyer, please complete the form below. Add all of your event's information in the MESSAGE box below.

  • If you are submitting a flyer it must be submitted in a .jpg format, 4x5 inches in size and please do not submit both an inquiry and an email with your event information. My inbox gets filled with a lot of junk and I do not like having to go through multiple emails for the same event.

  • Flyers should be emailed to the address below -

  • Flyers are posted once a week, typically on the weekend. If I cannot get to the website on the weekend, I will work on them the following Monday. IF you submit a flyer one (1) week before your event, there is a chance it may not get posted. This is a free site and I do have plans on the weekends. It’s WNY after all; there’s lots to do!

  • Things happen, mistakes are made. If there is a mistake on your flyer, let me know! I will do my best to get your replacement up ASAP.

  • To allow room for all flyers, we ask that you post either a flyer or a description, not both.

  • Please indicate if your venue is handicapped/wheelchair accessible - we get asked this a lot.

  • We will do our best to post all submitted requests. Please remember that this is a FREE service and sometimes other life events force us to miss the occasional request.

  • Please email any questions you have about submitting your meat raffle information prior to submission.

  • Have a question about meat raffles? GREAT! That’s why I’m here. However, I do not run meat raffles and cannot answer questions on how they are run. I will forward your information on and can only ask that your inquiries are answered. Most meat raffle hosts in the area have jobs outside of raffles!

Please remember, this is currently a FREE service. We do our best but please be understanding if we do not respond to you in a timely manner.


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